20+ Cute First Birthday Card

20+ Cute First Birthday Card.

The first birthday celebration for your child can be a great happy birthday. the party you are about to create can be a momentum for your entire extended family to gather. You can introduce your one-year-old child to relatives, cousins and nieces. In this moments it’s not complete if you don’t prepare the event as well as possible, you can start preparing with the concept of the party and the prizes.
To complete your child’s one year celebration, you can prepare the most beautiful gift with a card in it. To choose what card suits your taste, below will be presented various kinds and forms of one-year celebration cards. You can choose a card that can inspire you.
Enjoy and I hope you are happy with the cards that you will see .. enjoy and fun …!

Passport card

first birthday passport to paris birthday invitation
Save Image | Credit: www.serendipitybeyonddesign.com

A birthday card with a pink paris picture, surrounded by trees and sparkling stars. The font used is good and legible, while the paper uses soft and quality material. Inside this card there is word and decoration like the one in the passport but the difference there is written beautiful greeting for your child’s first birthday.

Pink star first card

personalised star first birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Pink star card decorated in stars with cream colored shades with pink pin stripes for girls. A pink star is attached to the card with a mini wooden peg. The 3d star reads, ‘Emmie’ is one today by one type of font. This card also comes with a brown kraft envelope.

Peppa pig birthday card

happy 1st birthday peppa pig birthday card

Save Image | Credit: www.characterbrands.co.uk

Peppa pig birthday card uses quality paper material, the size matches the standard greeting card. This card uses a peppa pig character theme that plays in a garden full of flowers and also this card is dominated by the blue sky color. The peppa pig card matches the gift you will give your child … !

Candle bunny card

happy first birthday candle ba girl greeting card with bunny
Save Image | Credit: www.123rf.com

This adorable card uses cute bunny decorations, a sign this card is used for a one-year-old child by making a large icon on this card that is a pinky candle in the form of a number one. Candle bunny cards also combine cheerful colors reflecting the character of children at the age of one year.

Pinky 1st card

one 1st birthday card pink
Save Image | Credit: pearlofagirl.co.uk

The pinky 1st card uses a white base framed in pink. The decoration used to make this card look attractive is a beautiful cake with a star-studded candle around it, the inscriptions above use two cute font types and don’t forget the pinky 1st birthday card also comes with a black envelope.

Aeroplane 1st birthday card

wholesale 1st birthday greeting card aeroplane lbb 039

Save Image | Credit: www.lils.com.au

A birthday card with a unique design is the perfect card for a first birthday, this card decorated with wooden aeroplanes, a blue striped number, this card is available blank for personal messages and is accompanied by an envelope.

Pink and gold birthday card

pink and gold invitation twinkle little star invite one
Save Image | Credit: splashboxprintables.storenvy.com

This pink and gold card is the perfect trendy card by presenting a sparkling stars with zig zag lines, its making it the most suitable greeting card for babies who will be one year old. this card also uses a background filled with rhyme and chevron.

Magic 1st birthday card

safari 1st birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk

This card uses the perfect design … full of colorful spots, there is a picture of an elephant wearing a blue hat carrying a balloon and also a mouse on it carrying a tiny umbrella. There is also a colorful collection of gifts around the elephant..so..this card is perfect for you …

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Sparkling birthday card

twenty first birthday card

Save Image | Credit: www.carolinegardner.com

This card uses white paper that is filled with golden spots making this card look sparkling. This card uses two types of cute fonts and comes with a white envelope. You can write beautiful sayings using this card.

Blue bear birthday card

1 today birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.joigifts.com

This card is made using a bear theme, using a combination of blue and white colors makes this card feel warm. This card uses a size that has been adjusted and is very interesting for you who are confused looking for greeting cards.

Blue wise owl birthday card

blue wise owl first birthday handmade card
Save Image | Credit: www.decorquecards.com

This blue wise owl card uses a pop-up concept with an owl theme. This card is made by hand using quality paper material, besides that … this card is decorated with a owl which is perched on a large tree and two geese that are looking for food. This card uses an all-blue nuance with a white base color.

Bunny girl birthday card

bella bunny girls first birthday card

Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

Bunny girl birthday cards are made of white paper decorated with bunny girl pictures that are playing on the court house with balloons and are surrounded by a lot of gifts. In the main picture this card uses a combination of cheerful colors such as pink, yellow, purple, orange and green. For tulsan ‘happybirthday’ this card uses one type of font with a pink glitter decoration.

Wonderful birthday card

personalised handmade card ba 1st first birthday son grandson nephew cute
Save Image | Credit: www.ebay.co.uk

The wonderful birthday card uses an adorable animal theme with the number one colored blue dots, in this card there are straight lines forming a frame. This wonderful birthday card also has a white envelope and uses one type of font.

Rosette 1st birthday card

birthday card happy first birthdaycute 1st birthday sale
Save Image | Credit: designbundles.net

Rosette 1’s birthday card is perfectly designed and this card is filled with roses that form number one. Rosette birthday cards use a dark blue background and use cute fonts to make this card look elegant.

Bexyboo birthday card

1st first birthday bexyboo scrabbley neon greeting card

Save Image | Credit: www.lovekates.co.uk

Bexyboo on this card looks adorable … This card uses bexyboo as its main icon, using scrabble clothes with cute black dot ribbons, and also with words that uses two types of fonts. this card uses all-white color to match the color of bexyboo.

Star twins birthday card

star twins first birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Star twins birthday cards use a sweet design, which is a pink card with two twin stars clamped by wooden clips. This paper is also framed with pink slashes and the word contained in this section of the card uses one type of font.

Blue Gold birthday card

beautiful first birthday card design
Save Image | Credit: www.vectorstock.com

This Blue gold birthday card uses a simple design, using dark blue paper and decorated with gold balloons, gold words and a large white number one. the dark color that dominates this card is perfect to give to a baby boy.

Sparkling green birthday card

birthday card happy 1st birthday

Save Image | Credit: www.piccalilly.co.uk

The sparkling green birthday card is made with a circus theme by showing the attraction of an elephant riding a large ball and the number one red blue star in front of it. This card uses a white background with decorations full of sparkling stars … very suitable for children’s special gifts.

Colorful stars 1st birthday card

1st birthday card unisex first birthday card card for one year old birthday
Save Image | Credit: ethical.market

This colorful stars birthday card is designed using a combination of attractive colors, quality paper and great sizes that are used like ordinary cards. filled with colorful stars and this card is suit for your children.

Red cute birthday card

super cute 1st birthday card joanne b just a little
Save Image | Credit: www.pinterest.com

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This red cute birthday card uses a red design, with festive decorations. This card uses funny trinkets that make this card appear anxious. Embossed designs made with cloth ribbons make the cards look cool.

Cute Owl birthday card

happy first birthday with owls ba boy greeting card vector

Save Image | Credit: www.123rf.com

This card uses a simple and attractive design. Using concept of an owl that surrounds the figure one in shape of a blue candle with a cute decoration. This card also uses all-white color so that the color combination makes this card more attractive.

Simple girly birthday card

ba girls 1st birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Simple girly bithday cards using wooden decorations filled with greetings that are hung by this little pink ribbon attract enough attention. This card uses a simple design and looks lovely because it uses a background that is combined in white and pink.

Pink niece birthday card

personalised 1st birthday card first birthday card girls birthday card daughter granddaughter sister niece 1st birthday card lb060
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

Pink niece birthday cards are made with concept of full pink with a decoration of pink niece images that carry three pink balloons. This card also uses a unique design of words and flowers scattered to make this card look beautiful and charming.

The Gruffalo birthday card

the gruffalo 1st birthday card

Save Image | Credit: www.characterbrands.co.uk

The gruffalo birthday card uses a cute and adorable concept. The number one on the paper shows this card is made with a funny theme and the word is used using one type of font.

Blue 1st boy exploding box

1st birthday card in a box
Save Image | Credit: loveforkrafts.blogspot.com

This Exploding box carries the concept of all-blue with balloons and love shapes that make it interesting … this box has four sides that you can fill with various photos or uncapan. This blue 1st boy exploding box is made according to boys’ tastes.

Pink shadow birthday card

personalised first birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Pink shadow birthday card is made using a lovely design and carries concept of a shadow box. This card uses a number one decoration accompanied by balloons and stars. There is a girl’s name and a flag underneath and this beautiful card is a gift for a girl.

Grey boy birthday card

your first lap around the sun happy 1st birthday greeting card galina dixon stationery design

Save Image | Credit: www.galinadixon.com

Gray boy birthday card is made with a simple design. Use full gray paper with only decorative words that use unique fonts. This card is the best reference for children’s special gifts. This card is also accompanied by an envelope.

Niece baby birthday card

personalised girls 1st birthday card first birthday card for daughter granddaughter goddaughter niece babies 1st birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

Niece baby birthday card uses an adorable design with a picture of a small elephant, the color combination on this card tends to be soft so that it makes the card seem warm. Besides that, this card is also filled with beautiful words and star-studded decorations … suitable for girls’ greeting cards.

Bubble 1st birthday card

happy first birthday card with bubble vector background
Save Image | Credit: www.123rf.com

Bubble 1st birthday card uses an all-round bubble design, by combining the colors blue, yellow and green. The bubbles on this card are deliberately formed into a number by giving a candle-like flame on top of it as decoration. This card also uses a white background.

Cute kitten birthday card

first birthday card with cute kittens

Save Image | Credit: www.vectorstock.com

This cute kitten birthday card is made using the theme of two cool cats playing with balloons, there is the number one which shows that this card is made for one-year-old children. This card uses bright colors so it looks more attractive.

Animals ba boy birthday cardhappy first birthday with animals ba boy greeting card

Save Image | Credit: depositphotos.com

This card carries the concept of all-animal, looks that animal hiding behind the high number one. The number one uses the color blue with knick knacks that decorate it besides, so there are also balloons and gift boxes around it. This card uses all-white base color making this card look bright and attractive.

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Princess 1st birthday card

birthday princess sofia the first birthday card with badge
Save Image | Credit: www.characterbrands.co.uk

this princess picture card looks beautiful, using pink, purple color combinations makes this card even more beautiful. A princess with a beautiful crown and dress wants to take part in the party you are holding for your daughter and see that this card is full of sparkling stars and beautiful words written on the front of this card.

1st birthday card son

large handmade personalised ba boy 1st birthday card son grandson nephew

Save Image | Credit: www.handmadewithheartcards.co.uk

See a card with a picture of a sleeping teddy bear on box … adorable and funny. This card uses light purple paper with blue decorations. This card is also filled with sparkling pearls. the words on the front of the card use a variety of font types so that this card looks charming and adorable.

Fairytale birthday card

happy first birthday greeting card with cute fairy tale
Save Image | Credit: www.123rf.com

This fairytale birthday card using nicely design, there was a tiny fairy dressed in pink who was sitting on the number one. The number one uses pink color with cute decorations and there are also colorful balloons. This card uses a white base and is more attractive with a birthday greeting

Cheese birthday card

happy first birthday card illustration
Save Image | Credit: www.featurepics.com

The cheese birthday card is made of quality paper and uses a perfect design. The icon on this card uses cheese in the number one form and is accompanied by a mouse that tries to climb it. The yellow color that matches of the cheese dominates on this card and uses a white background with a yellow line.

Special boy 1st birthday card

special boy adorable lots of woof 1st birthday card

Save Image | Credit: www.shopinc.co.uk

Special boy birthday card using a great design, this card using blue background with a decoration of a bear playing with a doll, there are two small gifts bound by a balloon. This card is made specifically for one-year-old baby boy.

Blush pink baby card

blush pink first birthday invitation floral gold glitter any age vintage style girl
Save Image | Credit: www.starliteprintables.com

The baby blush pink card is made using the concept of shine and soft. This card uses soft colors like pink, golden brown and blue gray, this card uses a combination of blooming flower decorations with sparkling frames plus using adorable baby photos and the writing contained on this card also looks glamorous using three types of fonts.

Happy first birthday card

a card template wishing happy first birthday stock photo
Save Image | Credit: www.alamy.com

Happy cards are designed using the perfect combination of concepts and colors. This card carries the concept of a happy first birthday card with cutie baby icons, beige and pink colors that indicate the color of softness. This card uses a picture decoration of baby gear. What’s interesting about this card… is that templete is available for you to say beautiful content.

Flowery 21 birthday card

a bellissima butterflies twenty first birthday card hallmark 11082769 5017690843072 ebay

Save Image | Credit: www.ebay.com

This flowery 21 birthday card is designed with flowers and butterflies, number 21 with a full pearl decoration. The writing on this card uses a unique font type, the background color used is light blue with a full ornament of polka dots.

Twin boy girl 1st birthday card

bas twin boys girls 1st birthday card gift personalised
Save Image | Credit: www.pinterest.com

This card is made for your twins by using a choice of paper and perfect design for the twins. This card uses a white-pink theme with two types of fonts on the front of the card and has a white envelope. This card is the best recommendation for your twin.

Alright … what do you think of the 1st birthday card above ? Surely looks cutes,funnies, cools and amazing … hopefully inspired and thank you ..

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