diy crafts birthday box card

20+ Exploding Box Of Birthday Card

20+ Exploding Box Of Birthday Card.

Soon your friend’s birthday .. is it easy for you to prepare a gift for him? Yeah … below are a variety of exploding boxes to suit your taste.
The box exploded below will make you fall in love, various kinds of shapes, colors and attractive designs are presented! the combination of colors and shapes that will be shown amazes you. the box exploded using a perfect design and in a very lively decoration. Suitable for you to give at a party that is also

Enjoy and hope you are inspired by the treats below

3d birthday box card youtube
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3D birthday cards are made using thick, colorful paper with a plain white background. This exploding box has four spots and three layers, the first layer is decorated with photographs, three-dimensional shaped cake, flower ornament and the second layer is filled with beautiful words. This card looks interesting and and beautiful …

Silhouette birthday box

handmade birthday card idea using silhouette birthday box
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This Silhouette birthday card was created using a birthday cake theme. This birthday box is made using plain brown paper and pink wrapping paper. The box is decorated with three pink balloons, an adorable pink butterfly and a beautiful greeting at the front of the box. A burst box with a melted birthday cake theme is your friend’s amazingly beautiful birthday surprise box.

3D pop-up box card

3d pop up cards hollow gift box greeting card postcard birthday gifts red
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This exploding box is a special gift-themed concept of three-dimensional pop-ups. Made of colored cardboard sheets decorated with three-dimensional shaped gifts. A small blue gift with a red ribbon gives a unique impression on the pop-up card. The paper on this card is intentionally blank to be filled with touching word.

Sweet crafting box

happymomentzz crafting sharada dilip explosion box
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This exploding box is made of good quality colored paper, this box is filled with beautiful flowers, butterflies and ornaments and for the lid, this box also uses colored paper. Exploding the box is very suitable to be given directly to the people we care about.

Green luxury card

blended birthday box prepare to dye papercrafts
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This paper is made from quality paper using flower ornament, using the concept of gift pop-ups. This card looks attractive with a small ribbon attached to the gift pop-up. The color used by this card also adds a beautiful and elegant impression. For you want to give a gift, this card is perfect for you!

Brown pin on exploding box

pin on pop up and box cards
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The exploding box is made using three full dimensions with brown flower ornament inside. Exploding boxes are usually made of colored cardboard and have a beautiful ornament, printed with a gift and accompanied by a penemrima age. This card shows the true beauty and luxury of an exploding box.

Royal red exploding card

2 explosion box handmade birthday card for sister
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Royal red exploding box is made by using three full dimensions with a shape of love and a rectangular photo space inside. Exploding box is usually made of colored cardboard and has a beautiful ornament, available spots for a collection of photographs and space for words. This love shape design card shows the luxury of the royal red exploding box.

Purple stars exploding box

pin christy knuteson on crafts box cards tutorial pop
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Purple stars exploding box uses a beautiful design and great material. This box is filled with decorative stars that appear by using a combination of purple, light purple, glitter gray showing this box is amazingly beautiful, and there is a space for the words and bold lines below them, so.. give this purple box to your special friend …

Cake inside box

pattis close to my heart paperscraps happy birthday card
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This exploding box is made using thick colored paper with a light green base color. This box carries the concept of all-round cake and star filled with polka dots. As a complement, this card is also decorated with beads … looks colorful and cute box.

Shadow box card

how to make a shadow box card diy craft idea video tutorial
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This exploding box has a deep red nuance filled with images of love, butterflies and adorable balloons. These boxes are made using red pastel paper, the pictures and writing are embossed framed nicely. This exploding box is suitable for those of you who like gift giving with your own handiwork.

Magic box birthday

magic box birthday card paruls craft creations
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Cards with flowers that arise accompanied by tiny butterflies and beautiful blue ribbons make you like handicraft lovers fall in love. This card looks simple and colorful.

Pinky shadow box

balloon adventures shadow box card video dawns stamping
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Pinky shadow box uses the concept of stamps and thinlets shadow boxes, its looks adorable with a combination of pink-orange and white. The good thing is the combination of ingredients can work very well on this box and it would be nice if your friend gets a surprise in this balloon.

Trumpet glitter cards

making a birthday card with the december box hedgehog hollow
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This card uses a combination of gold, black and silver with a white base. The material used is quality material and great design. To make this card look more beautiful, this card uses trumpet embossed decorations and other knick knacks.

Gift boxes card

gift box present birthday card
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This card uses a colorful gift boxes-themed design. With quality materials, suit size and colorful, this card is suitable for you who want to give this colorful boxes card to your closest friend.

3D Pop-Up flower box birthday

3d pop up flower box birthday card fabulous birthday folds flat for posting
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Look at this flower pop-up box using the best quality materials, this burst box looks beautiful with a colorful flower main decoration. This box consists of four sides which all sides consist of flowering patterns.

Exploding red box

explosion box card happy birthday card stock photo edit now
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Exploding red box is made of materials that are easy to use, soft paper and full of beautiful decoration. This red box exploding uses a three-dimensional concept with the first layer using a white-red color combination, the second is a white-black combination with a love shape decoration and the last layer is filled with pearl bead decorations, large red glitter ribbons and roses that are made icons of this exploding box.

Katty shadow box

shadow box birthday card 02 kathy design
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Katty shadow box looks beautiful and charming. Very well designed and uses color combinations that look feminine. Pink roses look to be the main decoration on this box. The front is also filled with decorative words and floral ornaments.

Chic lovely exploding box

explosion box birthday box diy handmade falling card
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This lovely chic exploding box uses a combination of dark colors like black, blue, dark red and dark green. to decorate it using various forms of ornaments. This exploding box has four sides that you can fill in with photos and words and the surface of this box is uses love shape.

Exploding stars box

paper glass stitch exploding stars birthday pop up box
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Wow … this box looks crowded with decorations full of stars. This box also looks interesting with a combination of cheerful colors and full of polka dots. This card is made of high quality thick paper and uses a large size. You can give this exploding box to your best friend ….!

Glowing lovely box card

happy birthday card with magic gift box
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This card uses a picture of a purple boxes containing various forms of balloons. The purple color on this card is very dominating and the colorful colors on the balloons make this card not monotonous in one color.

Matcha in exploding box

blue girl presents bluegirlpresents
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this card with a matcha green feel shows extraordinary appeal. Matcha box uses beautiful ornaments and beautiful decorations, in every free space available there are beautiful decorations and sayings. In the middle of this box there is a fox icon that places the exploded box between the other piles of boxes.

3D balloons box card

3d balloons box birthday greeting card
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This card is made using good quality paper using a tiny size. On this card there is a tiny orange box filled with colorful balloons. And for the card as its basis using a combination of blue-white color along with its tiny star decoration.

Elegant exploding box

card atelier unique handmade cards you wont find elsewhere
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The exploding box with dark red-black shades gives an elegant impression. The choice of the right combination for you lovers of dark colors. This box uses quality materials and standard sizes …Do not miss the lid on this exploding box is also decorated perfectly.

Red exploding card

50th birthday explosion box my projects exploding box
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This beautiful and charming box is made so beautifully … each side is full of beautiful flower images. In the middle of this box is a cake arrangement with three levels. This box carries the shades of red-black with a white base … the ribbon used also shows this box is intended for someone special.

Cutie exploding box how to make surprise box greeting card birthday step step kartka niespodzianka

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This little box is made with quality materials, using tiny sizes and beautiful colors. This card consists of four sides that you can fill in with beautiful sayings. This tiny red ribbon on the front of the exploded box shows the cuteness of the box.

Funky exploding card

card in a box birthday cards personalized exclusive pop up
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Funky exploding boxes show a glamorous, funky and stylish feel. By using a black-and-yellow combination of gold liters, this box does use a perfect design and very festive decoration. suitable for you to give at a party that is also lively.

Homie lovely box card

spellbinders decorative flower box birthday card yana
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This lovely Homie box card is made of thick quality material and uses a combination of soft colors so that it shows a warm and calm feel. Homie lovely box card has adorned decorations such as sparkling beads, cute fonts and beautiful windows.

Critters kids birthday box

cards for critters kids birthday box
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Look at this cool box … it looks perfect and is suitable for a special gift for him. This box is made of good quality paperboard so if used many times this box still looks attractive and uses cool box decorations.

Box birthday craft

wholesale handmade birthday cardsall occasion greeting cards box set buy box birthday greeting cardsgreeting cards box setbirthday greeting cards
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The birthday box is made of homemade, using a combination of sweet colors, large size and gives a feminine impression. This burst box provides an empty place to put greeting cards or other small gifts.

Exploding box 3D

exploding box birthday card 3 happy birthday world
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This is the coolest exploding box, with lots of variations of layers and contents making this card not boring. . Using quality materials and adjustable sizes, this exploding box is suitable for you who like complexity. Looks complicated but beautiful.

Box greeting cards

personalised sloth pop up box greetings card handmade birthday card
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This exploding box looks adorable with a hanging baby monkey decoration. The nuance taken is the forest with a green base color. This box is made using good material and the size is not too large so that this box looks small and adorable.

Surprise box greeting

how to make surprise box greeting card birthday step
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The surprise greeting box was made so perfectly. The design used looks unique with a combination of matcha green and a tiny red ribbon, there are also four sides in the box but what you can fill in with your beautiful words is only in the middle of this box …

Mini exploding box

scalloped pop up box birthday card christina hor designs
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See the little card themed bear and friends who are playing music full of appreciation. This cute box is made with a special, the color combination used in this burst box attracts attention and silly bear friends add to the extraordinaryness of this box.

Family exploding card

diy crafts birthday box card
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Family-themed exploding boxes together forever are made using quality ingredients, the size is deliberately made small to leave a simple and warm impression. In every layer in this box, there are various kinds of free space for you to put photos or beautiful words.

Cardi B box birthday

cheap birthday card post box find birthday card post box
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Wow..this card is made in a cool style, this box is perfect for you fans of Cardi B. The exploding box is designed using thick paper and good quality, a fairly large size. The colors and decorations seem to be hip hop … this exploding box … you must get it!

Cute exploding box birthday

exploding box birthday card happy birthday world
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This exploding box uses three dimensions with a birthday party theme. Look small and beautiful with a variety of layers, each layer you can fill it with photos, beautiful words or quotes that are interesting. In the middle of this box is a cake-shaped candle … doesn’t its look unique?

Animals in box

scalloped pop up box birthday card christina hor designs
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Animals in box birthday is great designed, its looks very good quality, with soft paper and neat patch, the colors used are also interesting. This exploding box carries the theme of a collection of animals that are playing music.

Birthday box card

birthday box card cr09 advancedmassagesara
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This birthday box card is made perfectly! Use the pop-up concept with full flower themes. This card is also made of quality materials and the size has been adjusted. on the left and right of this card there is free space for you to write beautiful sayings. this card is getting prettier with a large rose-shaped ribbon.

Feminim exploding box

full view of explosion box card for my daughters 18th
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This feminine exploding box has four empty sides that you can fill with various photos or words. In the middle of the box is a cake-shaped candle decorated with tiny roses. This exploding box is suitable for your female friends.

Birthday wishes box card

birthday wishes gift box presents birthday card
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This birthday wishes box card shows a exploding box with a wine bottle, two glasses and a bouquet of flowers. This picture also uses a polka dot purple base color. this card looks fabulous isnt right? so…give a card with this picture exploding wishes box … hope your friend is satisfied with the gift you gave.

20+ Great exploding box above has presented a very good thing,Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy and fun …

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