luxe gold 18th birthday card

20+Chics 18th Birthday Card

20+Chics 18th Birthday Card.

Teenagers world …! Age 18 is a very exciting end of adolescence, some teenagers will enter the phase of teak search, lead a new beginning of life with a passionate passion, new responsibilities and by some are already considered adults. It will be very exciting and fun!
At the age of 18, don’t miss your birthday to get a more meaningful moment, as you begin to determine the theme for the event and arrange the concept and all its preparation needs. it will be fun isn’t it?
will be make your preparation more memorable, the cards below can give you amazing inspiration, there will be many kinds of cards with perfect designs that have been adapted to your beautiful age and for you who are confused looking for your best friend’s birthday card ideas, you too can get it below!
Yup, teenagers … enjoy the exciting period with the amazing cards below … happy and hope you are inspired by it!

Pink hurray card

happy 18th birthday new hand painted 18th birthday card
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Pink hurray card has a lovely design, the front of the card is filled with full of flower ornaments with big number 18, this card also features a brown envelope. This card will give a beautiful, lovely and sweet impression. Give this pink hurray card to BFF, girl friend or your sister it will be impressed …

Pink OMG card

omg 18th birthday card personalised
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Cute and adorable, you can make your girl friend laugh a lot with this pink OMG card. This card is made with a beautiful design, nuanced in white and pink base with a nice font in front of it. This card has a sweet pink envelope. let’s check it, boy !

Sparkling 18 gold card

with love 18th birthday card
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This card is filled with sparkle, look at pictures of cakes and its amazing candles, giving the impression of sparkling and elegant. Word and Cake on the front of the card are embossed, the paper used is perfect with the great size and has plain envelope. this sparkling 18 gold will gave her heart to you !

Glitery 18th b’day card

18th birthday balloon cards
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Glitery balloon card is the best design and looks elegant. Made with good quality paper, standard size and uses a plain white background. This card is suitable for the event that you will attend … hopefully BFF will enjoy and with this card your event will be even more delightly.

Cute card for TEENAGER’S

candles 18th birthday card
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Cute card for Teenagers is so awesome … using high-quality paper, the right size, for the background of the paper using a plain white decorated with “eighteen birthday” great glitert font. your girlfriend will love it boy !

Teenager’s brain card

details about funny 18th birthday card for girls boys teenagers brain design son daughter
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Teenage brain cards are made for those of you who like science … pictures of brain cards show various things in the teenage brain completely. Enthusiastic spirit at the age of 18 is very difficult on this card … Oh … you will miss this age friend! so express yourself as best you can!

Craft card for teenager’s

paper craft music 18th birthday anniversary greeting card buy music greeting cardmusic 18th birthday anniversary greeting cardpaper craft music
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Craft card for teenager’s carries a boat nuances, designed using a classic brown base color, great font style, and this card also features a light brown envelope underneath. This card will bring your special friend atmosphere back to lovely and warm.

Glamour in teenegers

beautiful birthday girl handmade 18th birthday card fk2
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Glamorous girl cards are made using good quality fibrous paper, the theme of this card is a glamorous birthday party. This glamorous card is suitable to give to you and special lover who will enter the age of eighteen, give her the best impression and hope you get 3000 love from her!

Delight card

18th birthday card
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It’s time for a teenager’s party..see this delight card has an amazing effect especially for your BFF. The design is full of glittering stars, small scattered ribbons, flying balloons and round circles that fill this card. This card illustrates the style of eighteen-year-old children who seem cheerful and free.

Polka dots for teenager’s card

handmade 18th birthday card girl birthday cards 18th
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Polka dot for teenager’s card is looks chic and cute … using a three dimensional design and carrying the black and white polka dot theme. The front layer uses cute decorations such as clothes, a bag with a small pink ribbon, and number 18 and two small pink pearls that beautify this card. the next layer uses paper which is full of polka dots and the third layer uses paper with engraving along the edges of the paper. This card looks chic and cute!

Modern type craft card

personalised 18th birthday card
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This card is designed in a modern card craft style. on front of card using the same size font are written irregularly, leaving a card impression that the card using modern in style. This card uses a background of all-white and nuanced black and white. The color black and white is indeed popular among eight-year-olds … so your friends will like it more !.

Charming B’day Card

bellybutton designs 18th birthday card
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This card is so charming! Designed beautifully, using the right quality paper with the right size, this card is decorated with many colorful balloons, flowers attached to the bottom add to the look of this attractive card. A variety of small decorations underneath also adds sparkling cards.

Orange humour b’day card

details about funny 18th birthday card boys girls perfect for son daughter niece nephew
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This orange humour for teenager’s card is made with a theme of humour, best quality paper, standard size greeting cards, orange-colored base and with a white font type. the joke on the front of the card will make your cousin laugh, so..give this card immediately to your cousin who will be eighteen years old tonight !

Lovely craft

female 18th birthday greeting card
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Wow …. this lovely card looks sweety with ornaments on each edge of the card. Using plain white paper, decorated with pictures of cakes along with candles, sweet words, perfect ribbons and others. This card is so meaning ful, beautiful, sweet and lovely …

Sweet pinky card

niece 18th birthday card the best niece in the world
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This sweet pinky is very adorable with a full color pink card showing one of the teenager’s favorite colors of women. The decoration on the front of the card is full of stars that are scattered! Adding this card becomes more charming.

Dazling card

hotchpotch 18th birthday card hpmz02
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This dazling card looks shining brightly! This card uses a perfect design, a smaller size and uses a glittering glitter with laser-cut silver and gold laser cut. The card uses a semi-dark blue paper base that makes the card look cooler. its suitable for your boy birthday card !

Luxurious card

some girls just sparkle large handmade 18th birthday card bly3
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This card looks luxurious with a woman sitting at number eighteen. This card is also decorated with small stars scattered in the sky. Then the edges of the paper are decorated with stripes and use a basic gray color. hem … I really like the design of the dress with a little ribbon … do you agree?

Delight purple card

18th birthday card special daughter
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The combination of purple and white cards, with dandelion decorations, two cakes, wine glasses and impressive words are the right choice for you to give to your daughter … she will be very impressed on his eighteenth birthday … fill in the card this charming with words that touch the heart so you can get sincere love.

Black in white card for teenager’s

18th birthday card penblwydd hapus
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Black in white card for teenagers is the perfect card for a birthday present. Black and white on this card indicates that this color is becoming a favorite color of teenagers. Plain white paper with a perfect size decorated full of black and white polka dots the best choice for teenagers … enjoy your eighteenth birthday with this black and white card.

Sparkling eighteen card

sister 18th birthday card
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this card is filled with sparkling light … the design is simple and looks natural. This card is made for eighteen-year-olds who love parties. This card is suitable for birthday gifts for younger sisters and BFF. Don’t forget to write beautiful words in it and touching wishes for them !

Green card for teenagers

your age funny 18th birthday card 18th birthday cards
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The green card is designed using the best design, the paper material used is also perfect, the base color used is highly rated. This card is suitable for you who like the color of the leaves like this card. this card using cool and impressed words.

Eighteen in green card

your age funny 18th birthday card
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This green and white touch card is the most beautiful card, the color combination is right for you green lovers. This card comes with a brown envelope. write touching words for the person you will give this card to. hope you’re enjoy it !

Black cool card

details about funny happy 18th birthday card for boys girls
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This black based card looks cool and amazing, with perfect size, good paper quality, touching words and suitable fonts. Use this card for a gift that you will give to your closest friend … don’t forget to write beautiful words …

Gold card

gold 18th birthday card
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This special card is very interesting for you to give to your friends … see the decorations on the front of this card which are filled with amazing gold beads! This card is designed with the right size and stunning images. your best friend wiil be love it !

Simple card teenager’s

personalised happy 18th birthday card
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Simple cards decorated with simple words. This card is made with a simple and meaningful design. With a standard size, attractive fonts and plain paper that gives a natural and pure impression making this card the best choice for you to give to BFF.

Funny card for teenager’s

you have a 005 chance of dying in the next year 18th birthday card depressing statistics greetings card poster
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Funny jokes! This funny card is designed with good picture quality, touching writing and what makes this card look cool the most is the skull image with a birthday hat ….. silly and adorable! This card is suitable for you to give to your friends who like to be silly and nosy…it will be fun and joy..!

Pinky bear card

daughter 18th birthday card embossed with lovely sentiment verse
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Look at the card full of touching words … very good right? This card with ornaments and bear dolls is quite interesting to be a greeting gift to your friends … this card combines matching pink with purple … feels lovely and warm. don’t forget the bouquet of flowers to complete your best gift!

Funny word in card

18th birthday card this is the first day
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Your closest friend will feel touched by the card you made like this, this card is filled with humorous, funny and touching words … You can feel your eternal friendship when you give this card to your closest friend … so … don’t forget to use this card and write beautiful words for her.

Tiny ribbons for cards

stunning large personalised 18th birthday card any person any age any colour
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This beautiful card is very creative … made with material that is very easy to find, that is plain white paper and some colorful little ribbons … this card shows pure and close friendship … write beautiful and touching words so that your closest friends love you more .

Wonderful card

to a wonderful granddaughter large handmade 18th birthday card sl14
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See a collection of teenage girls … look stylish, their clothes and hair look modern … Yeah … this wonderful card is designed with a thick feel of a teenage party. ,, using quality paper, the right size for you to give to your girlfriend. Happy birthday and hope your enjoy girls!

Genuine blue card

18th birthday lucky sixpence birthday card envelope
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blue genuine cards look very attractive, amazingly designed, with scattered stars, sparkling spots, scattered balloons and touching words will make your Bff hearts warm. This card is made for you lovers of blue … the color combination is really right …

Eighteen in cool card

18th birthday card year of birth cards
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the eighteen in cool card carries an amazing theme, written on the front of the card a variety of hobbies and activities carried out by teenagers. Wow … it looks cool and amazing right?… designed with high-quality paper, tiny size and equipped with brown envelopes … the best reference for your best gift.

Pink sparkle card

happy 18th birthday card
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This card uses a combination of pink and white, the font is gold-plated with a nice word, at the top of the card there is a gold polka dots matching the words. This card also has a brown envelope and will be the right choice for your girlfriend …look the color combination shows girly luxury right ?.

Shy bear card

granddaughter 18th birthday me to you bear card
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Look at the shy bear on the front of this card … so cute! will be impressed if you give this adorable card to a special person. The design is full of yellow polka dots, scattered flowers, wine glasses that give the impression of elegance and a small ribbon that makes this card more enchanting.

Charming card for teenager’s

personalised 18th birthday card handmade birthday card
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Cards with embossed designs look charming. The combination of black and white, perfect size. This charming card is the best reference for you lovers of black and white! prepare the best gift with the best card …

Flowery card

18th birthday card blush floral
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This card is filled with flowers, designed using quality soft themes, dazzling colors, the right size, and good quality paper, this soft color card with a brown envelope to make this card look perfect, hope your friend’s birthday is very enchanting!

Awesome card

18th birthday gigantic greeting card
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Wow this card is so cool … this card uses a very nice batik flower design, uses a perfect size with good quality paper material. This card is a perfect design. Give this card to special people who are beside you!

Polka dots card

eighteen eighteenth birthday card
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This card is made using the best materials, the paper uses a plain white base, the decorations on the front of the card are many colorful polka dots that make this queen look stunning. Celebrate your friend’s birthday with this enchanting card!

Adult card

responsible adult 18th birthday card
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This yellow base stamp set is so shining! by using good quality paper, the size is also standard and the decoration on the front is attractive, this card has been adapted to the age of teenagers at this time, lets check up!

Funny sparkling card

funny 18th birthday cards 18th birthday gifts 18th gift
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this card uses jokes as its main theme, showing the cuteness of this card. With a simple and easy design, this card is worthy of being your friend’s special gift. The number eighteen with a colorful spark illustrates the excitement of a young teenager. The background of the card uses a basic cream color that makes this cute card seem simple, colorful and cheerful.

its very amazing isn’t it? The card with the theme of all 18 really amazed, beautiful and chic, simple, natural, pure, sparkling and charming … thanks for join and hope you enjoy it!

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