dachshund happy birthday card

30+Cute Dachshund Birthday Card

30+ Cute Dachshund Birthday Card.

Dachshunds are dogs with short legs and long bodies, dachshunds will always sniff and chase. Reddish and black-reddish body colors look charming, some have beige, blue, dark pig, dark brown, brown. Dachshunds have very distinctive features and an always adorable appearance.
For those of you who have family, cousins, lovers, and friends who are dachshund dog lovers, the dachshund dog-themed card below is the best recommendation you’ve never seen. With the best designs and decorations on this card, it will make the greeting cards you give look more memorable.I think a lot of people like this type of dog … Dachshunds are usually quite fanatical dog lovers. they not only like the dogs but also like things related to this dachshund. I feel that dog lovers will love the adorable cards below.

Here’s 30+ card collections with adorable dachshund dog themes, hope you’re enjoy and fun !

Brown Dachshund card

happy birthday dog card
Save Image | Credit: ktcollection.com

Brown dachshunds in this card look cute with bodies filled with colors. The card is tiny in size, with a dachshund dog picture decoration with a ribbon hat, using yellow envelope make this card cute and simple.

Dachshund and balloon

dachshund dog birthday card puppy greetings card animal birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

This handmade card is made with the Dachshund theme which is holding a birthday balloon. This card looks perfect with standard sizes and high quality paper. What’s special about this card is … You can add the age of your card recipients! and this cute card packaged in brown-coated Kraft Envelopes made of quality paper.

Funny Dachshund card

handmade dachshund balloon birthday personalised card
Save Image | Credit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Wow, this KRAFTY card is unique with a cute 3-dimensional concept and with a high-quality matching envelop! Look at the picture of the dachshund dog bound by the balloon, funny and adorable ! This handmade card is suitable to give to your family.

Little dachshund and cupcake card

make a wish dachshund greeting card birthday wishes
Save Image | Credit: www.pinterest.at

Could you ask this little dachshund not to blow out the candle before asking for hope? Its very funny ! Cards with plain white decorations accompanied by small dogs look attractive! so, give a card like this to your special person and ask for all wishes on his birthday ..

long dachshund with gift box card

cute cartoon long dachshund in birthdat hat with baloon on the
Save Image | Credit: www.123rf.com

a long dachshund with a birthday hat ready to bring your gift box ! this card on the back uses a white background, standard card sizes and adorable images. Hope your birthday card will impress on his birthday …

Dark Dachshund card

dachshund card dachshund greeting card dog owner card
Save Image | Credit: www.laurphenliving.com

Do you like birthday cards with a black and white concept? yeah, this card is right for you black-and-white lovers, decorating the card using dark shades dachshunds in frame .. its looks elegant and attractive!

Cordless Dachshund Birthday Card

wire haired dachshund birthday card embroidered dogmania 6 x 4 g0263
Save Image | Credit: www.dogmania.co.uk

This Cordless Dachshund Birthday Card is made with amazing creativity! this card is embroidered with his own hand using a dark blue basic colored thread and equipped with an envelope..design in frame looks very extraordinary!

Adorable sausage dogs card

sausage dog birthday card sausage dog card dachshund birthday card occasion celebration greetings card fun dog card birthday gift
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

This handmade card is a birthday card featuring three adorable sausage dogs. This card seems to be made using intricate patterns, printed to a high standard and great color choices. The decoration on the front of the card is very adorable, making this card with sausage dogs look fresh and fun.

Cockapoo birthday card

cockapoo birthday card from wwwsweetwilliamdesigns
Save Image | Credit: www.sweetwilliamdesigns.com

The Cockapoo birthday card displays with perfect design, like the choice of paper, layer, size and decoration on this card looks right to make people interested. Look the cockapoo dog on the front of the card, its looks adorable with his hat and whistle!

Woof dog card

boxer dog birthday card love and licks
Save Image | Credit: www.limalima.co.uk

Created with High-quality card with semi-gloss paper, standard size and attractive image. This card also uses a plain white background … Woof … two! happy birthday in this season with your speial person and special gift!

Simple Dachshund card

personalised dachshund birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

This simple card is a high-quality card ! made with good quality paper, on that paper you can also add a short message, the recipient’s name. and you can also add the age of the recipient in the balloon carried by this brown dachshund dog! its look interested and perfect card !


super sausage superhero dachshund sausage dog birthday general card
Save Image | Credit: www.tigermill.co.uk

The superhero sausage dog dachshund card is the right size for the gift you will give. This card is also gloss laminated, equipped with a yellow envelope and wrapped in cello, printed with a quality white card. Dascshund the superhero dog is ready to deliver your touching greetings!

Doodle dashshund card

dachshund birthday card birthday card from the dog made
Save Image | Credit: www.ladybugonaleaf.com

This card is a dachshund doodle using a combination of brown on a small dog, sky blue for his shirt, black and white background. this card is perfect for you who like the concept of doodles.

Cool Dachshund card

happy birthday images with dachshund free bday cards and
Save Image | Credit: bday-card.com

Cool cartoon with a long dachshund dog that carries lots of balloons. you know the design is simple, attractive and cool. So, giving this card to the closest person is the right choice !

Adorable dachshund card

sausage dog 6 today birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.karenzapaperie.co.uk

This adorable card has a picture on the front of a brightly colored sausage dog wearing a striped design. This card carries the theme “6 days”, i think will be suitable if you give it to those who are at the age, day, date that matches the theme on this card.

Cute dachshund card

dachshund birthday card petsidi
Save Image | Credit: petsidi.com

This card looks adorable, using cute dachshund dog decorations wearing hats and whistles. I hope this card can deliver your sweet greetings to him.

Cute birthday card

happy birthday to you card sausage dog with balloon caroline gardner
Save Image | Credit: www.vibranthome.co.uk

This Birthday Card is cute, look at the little dog dachshund with the balloon ! This card is designed using small gold writing and good illustrations. This cute birthday card design, make your important day feels perfect and fun !

Dachshund and Flower card

dachshund sausage dog happy birthday downloadable card
Save Image | Credit: www.pinterest.com

Full flower cards are made of high quality paper, perfect design, warm colors and with dachshund ornaments that are waiting for their owners. this card look simple and warm !

Doggy birthday card

dog birthday card greetings card doggy dachschund dog doggy weiner dog sausage dog ideal for all dog lovers
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

This doggy birthday card is interesting and unique. The design look perfect and colorful. This unique card suits the tastes of dog lovers ! The special thing about this card is that you can request colors that suit your needs and will also be equipped with envelopes. lets get it lovers !

Cute Doxie birthday card

sausage dog birthday card dachshund birthday card handmade sausage dog birthday card sausage dogs uk doxie
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

You want to give a birthday card from your handmade? check out this Cute Doxie birthday card ! made with flannelette for cute doxie and a small gingham jacket & party hat. This handmade card also comes with envelopes in various colors.

Little Doxie birthday card

dachshund birthday card squidly designs online store
Save Image | Credit: squidly.storenvy.com

This card is so amazing! This doxie birthday card comes with a matte finish, a light purple background and a standard size. a small doxie with a purple hat also beautifies this card. little DOXIE birthday card are also accompanied by brown kraft paper envelopes, or white envelopes.

warm dachshund card

long haired dachshund birthday card birthday card embroidered dogmania 8 x 6 g7034
Save Image | Credit: www.dogmania.co.uk

The cartoon with decorations on the front of the two dogs is super cute and cute, using a simple but warm design. This greeting card design is made with a good quality card, and the appropriate size. This card is available with a full flower background.

Dachshund biting bones card

dachshund birthday card art print
Save Image | Credit: society6.com

This card uses the unified match design full of art, making the card style look unique. Card prints with this art are available in the right size, natural white background, matte, and of course with good quality paper. The front of the card shows a picture of a dachshund that is biting bones very deliciously … this card looks even more adorable!

Little dark brown dachshund card

details about dachshund birthday cards sausage dog doxies puppy various designs freepost
Save Image | Credit: www.ebay.com

This card uses the perfect design! This superbly designed card prints are available in the right size, natural black dark background, with good quality paper. The front of the card shows a picture of a dark brown dachshund that is expecting something.

Sausage dachshund card

happy birthday sausage dachshund dog birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

This birthday card shows a cute dachshund with adorable hat and cute tails. This attractive daschsuhnd card is equipped with good quality brown kraft striped envelopes, standard size, plain white background. This card is suitable for you dachshund dog lovers!

Greeting dachshund card

personalised dachshund birthday card personalised birthday card personalised dog card personalised dog birthday card dachshund card
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

The adorable dachshund that is shown on the front is in accordance with the hearts of dachshund dog lovers. This beautiful card is available in white or yellowish brown paper with good quality. You can give this card as a thank you, sympathy card, Christmas card, memento.

Charming dachshund card

a crafting niche dachshund birthday card
Save Image | Credit: acraftingniche.blogspot.com

Dark brown dachshunds look troubled to bring the balloon, really adorable looking at this card. once seen this card was made with high creativity, high quality material used also showed amazing results. This card is in accordance with the wishes of the hearts of dachshund dog lovers.

Cute Dachshund card

painted carol on twitter dachshund birthday card
Save Image | Credit: twitter.com

This card is beautifully designed and enchanting. ud made with perfect kuran, all-white background, plain dachshunds. This plain brown dachshund dog looks adorable with colorful flowers on its neck!

Long brown Dachshund card

sausage dog valentines card sausage dog birthday card dachshund birthday card funny cards dog anniversary cards dog card
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

this card is designed neatly. perfect size, charming background, beautiful picture to complement this card. This brown long dachshund is seen waiting for a lover like you who is also waiting for your lover’s reaction when receiving this greeting card.

Lovely duo dachshund card

smooth haired dachshund birthday card birthday card embroidered dogmania 8 x 6 g7035
Save Image | Credit: www.dogmania.co.uk

lovely two dachshunds are enjoying the streets in the middle of a garden full of flowers. This card is suitable when given in the flower garden. the perfect design, the right size and beautiful color, make this greeting card look lovely and warm.

Sparkle Dachshund card

dachshund birthday sparkle greeting card happy birthday
Save Image | Credit: www.pinterest.com

Do you want your friend’s birthday to be more sparkling? yeah..this card is the right choice for a sparkling event. designed with adorable themes, quality paper, the right size, and attractive colors. the dachshund with his pink shirt and magic wand is ready to turn your friend’s birthday into a sparkle!

Pink Dachshund and bag cadr

dachshund birthday shopper greeting card dachshund gifts
Save Image | Credit: www.pinterest.com

This cute cartoon is well designed. using perfect paper quality, suitable size, plain white background and attractive images. this pink greeting card with a dachshund that carries this pink bag is suitable to give to your mother, sister or lover.

Funny Dachshund card

dog card dachshund birthday card sausage dog card dog lover funny cute needle felted dogs
Save Image | Credit: www.etsy.com

This birthday card is very cute, this cartoon is made by showing two dogs with cake and baloon that have lost their way. perfect design, standard size, simple decoration and adorable image. congratulations on your birthday with these two cute dogs!

Dachshund sausage dog card

details about birthday card son in law dachshund sausage dog the wildlife ling design
Save Image | Credit: www.ebay.ie

This card with a blue gray background is made specifically for son-in-law. available with good quality, colorful, fully of flag, perfect size paper and adorable dachshunds. Hopefully your son-in-law who loves dachshunds likes it!

Lovely sausage dogs card

birthday card boyfriend sausage dog birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.pinterest.com

the sausage dog pair on this card looks very romantic. This card is filled with a pink background with a decoration of a pair of dogs wearing pulkadot couple clothes. they share their love with flowers and balloons … this card is also provided with brown envelopes. your card looks special because you want to give it to the specia person right ?

Sausage dachshund B’day card

dachshund birthday card coffee mug
Save Image | Credit: society6.com

A cute and sweet sausage dachshund card that says Haave a greet B’day! This birthday card design is made with an amazing look, the dachshund looks cute by bitting bone while walking around. This card is available with a white background and a customized size. suitable for him who likes dachshunds!

dachshund and red ribbon card

happy birthday greeting card with sausage dog and present
Save Image | Credit: www.123rf.com

The adorable Dachshund card is made perfectly, available in good quality paper and a pink background. This card shows how cute the dachshund is with its round nose using a red ribbon! You can give this card to someone special who is beside you!

cutie little dachshund card

sausage dog happy birthday card
Save Image | Credit: www.looklane.com

Super cute and attractive dog cards. simple but elegant design. This greeting card design is made with good quality cards, this card is available with a pink or yellow background.

My superhero sausage card

youre my super sausage superhero dachshund sausage dog birthday general card
Save Image | Credit: www.tigermill.co.uk

Super dachshund dog is ready to deliver greeting cards to your classmates. This card raises the style of the super hero dog with his swag, as if he would be able to properly send your card ! This card is made with good paper quality and good image design. check it out!

Warm dachshund card

wire haired dachshund birthday card birthday card embroidered dogmania 8 x 6 g7036
Save Image | Credit: www.dogmania.co.uk

happy birthday to dachshund lovers! This card is made with handmade which is adjusted to the wishes of the recipient. The design is simple and warm. this card is great if given to families.

Woof .. the adorable dachshund dog will always be loyal to complete your greeting card, thank you and hopefully useful .. woof … woof!

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