magical mummy minions birthday card

30+ Silly and Cute Minion Birthday Card

30+ Silly and Cute Minion Birthday Card.

Do you like Minions? This time the cards below carry a minion-themed design !
Minions in this 3D computer animated comedy series film Dispicable me already feels familiar. The little yellow creature is very much loved by the world audience, the story line is full of mission and fun to make this film not boring and the audience likes it. Animated minions that evolved from yellow single-celled organisms into creatures that only exist to serve the most evil masters in history, they get a special mission that is the mission to conquer the world. When they carry out this mission, there are just silly and funny acts that make the audience love it.
Yeah … below there are cards with the minion as the main character, you will find various expression cards and silly minions with cheerful and refreshing color variations … hopefully inspire and enjoy..lets check it !

Adorable minion cards

how to draw minion birthday card step step learning video lesson preview
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Look at this little minion, look surprised with a balloon that can take it to the clouds! This card is designed with good picture quality, standard portrait size, the combination of yellow and beige makes this card look beautiful. Using two layers on the front are smaller on frame and the second layer using light yellow. This shocking minion card is adorable and funny for you to give to who like this minion!

Three silly minion in card

despicable me minions happy birthday card download on
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Three silly minions who seemed to mind carrying a flag with the words “Happy Birthday”. This adorable design is perfect for you who like this yellow character. Look at the little minion in the middle … it looks adorable right? This special card is specially made for your special people.

Pick guitar in Navy card

special son minions birthday card
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This minion wants to pick a guitar on your birthday … this card shows a small minion who wants to give a special gift through his brown guitar. This card is perfect for you who like card and music themed cards. Using a combination of light blue with navy and decorated with pulcadot, it looks adorable right?

Happy Funny Minion Card

minions ecards leanjava
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There are just their silly behavior … this card is made for your child, friend or cousin, who is four years old this year. With a good quality card design, the right size, a blue-yellow color combination that matches three silly minions on it. This card is a good recommendation!

Swagger minion card

another year older minions birthday card
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This card is perfectly designed, high quality paper, standard size, attractive fonts and of course the minion’s character with his swagger. See … so happy he will grow to one year of age … it will definitely be felt by your cousin. Give this card to your beloved cousin … he will love it …!

One in minion

minions birthday card template with sound wording text
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One in minion card designed with a three dimensional concept to make cards look amazing! There are two layers on the card, in the first layer there is a white color with a blue border, not to mention the minion character with its nosy face. the second layer uses yellow paper decorated with cute stripes ..

The Minions in joke

minions birthday card pipefish
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Designed with a combination of navy blue and purplish red, using the concept of lines on the paper, good quality, entertaining images. This card is very funny, how can he have the heart to let his friend hanging up there. This card is made for lovers of the minions!

Navy brother minions

bother minion birthday card
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The design on this card is good using a navy blue background, the right paper size, the main character which is certainly adorable! This card is suitable for your little cousin, neighbor or classmate.


The minion and bananas

awesome boyfriend minions birthday card
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Your friend is a banana lover? Yeah, this card shows a minion who falls in love with a banana, feels funny, sticky and adorable. Cards are made for you lovers of minions and bananas, with decorations like that ,, your friend will definitely love your gift!

Extraordinary minion card

minion birthday card on behance
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This card is perfectly designed, minion themed and the paper is filled with yellow minions. Printed with the best quality and size that has been adjusted. Looks cool and extraordinary, combined with a single font confirms this greeting card!

Funday with The minions

birthday fun minions birthday card with door hanger
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The minions makes another silly joke again ! yeah, the card with the perfect design and the right size looks amazing using minion characters. You should know, this card is suitable for your closest friends and I am sure with this card, remind your friends of your silliness when playing together.

Glorious the minions

minions birthday card printable create own minion birthday
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This card is perfectly designed, high print quality, standard paper, the right color combination and a festive front of the card. The cards with pulkadot flag decorations, baby photos and the minions look very adorable! hope your birthday will glorious like this minion card !

cute minions card

stampin up punch art despicable me minion hand made
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Cute and adorable! This card uses the card stamps set design, perfect and appropriate to give to your close friends. This card is made with the best quality paper, standard size and full of minions. in front of the card shows two little minions playing … very adorable,  Hem, just their silliness!

Hip hip minion card

grandson minions birthday card
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Hip..hip yey ..! This card is designed with a standard size, good card quality, and perfect background. Look at that little minion … looks very cheerful and happy. Hopefully your friend who gets this minion card will be happy and add more cheerful.

Pop-Up minions card

minions and despicable me cards minion movie happy birthday
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This time the minion card uses a pop up style design. This card has been perfectly designed to produce amazing and cool minion birthday cards! Give this card to the people closest to you because this card is the perfect card!

Pinky minion card

compleanno giorgia 2017 minions birthday cards for boys
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This card is very cute … minion with pinky clothes looks very cute. By using the three-dimensional concept this card looks real, with great size, there is a suitable color combination and new innovations. Pinky minion is suitable for your friend and cousins.

Funny minions card

minion birthday card with assemble your own 3d minion
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this cute minion card is made with good quality paper and perfect picture quality, the size is also very fitting. You will love the designs that were made!

Black minion cards

birthday greeting cards for friends minion birthday greeting card for minion lover
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Black minion cards is amazing and cool ! Made with the concept of pop-up, perfect size, quality paper, using two colors combined and What makes this card more attractive is the minions and the little black ribbon. For those of you who like homemade cards, you may try it…!

Various minion cards

minion birthday card collection 160 picclick uk
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Wow … it looks cool with a variety of cards that use the Minions design. Various expressions on this card you can see, looks funny and adorable. You can choose for your special gift that you will give on his birthday.

Magical minion card

special sister minions birthday card
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Feels sweet and warm, this card is made with a perfect design, standard size, using a combination of pink and white, sibling minions make this card look sweeter. Prepare your magic greeting cards like this for your cousin …

Dave and the minion card

diy minion birthday cards minion birthday card hinhnenvip
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This card is made using a three-dimensional design, the paper used is pretty good and thick, the standard size, the right font choice. The minion who is cheerful with his silly smile will make the person who receives your greeting card smile too.

Funny minion card

birthday minions greeting card dave the minion kevin the
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See the mischievous behavior of this one minion, which is adorable and funny right? This card will make you feel the absurdity of the minions on the front of this card, the attractive background makes this card a lot of people amazed on it.

The minions and mission card

4 today minions birthday card
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Three minions are ready to carry out your mission, they are ready to make the person who gets this card laugh from you. This card is made with the best quality, images of three super funny minions come to decorate this card. You should get this card immediately so make your special person laugh a lot !

Sparkle colorful card

collection minion printable birthday card pictures
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This card is very special and enchanting. The background of the card is adorned with flying ribbons, colorful balloons and ornaments of various shapes. This card is perfect for your friends who will celebrate his birthday with you and other classmates. With this colorful and sparkle cards, hopefully your friends like and his event more fun !

Funky minion card

minion birthday set minion card kids cards minion
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its look extraordinary card ! how can people make this card look real ? This card is very well designed, its enlarged size makes this minion card look different, its appearance looks refreshing with a new hair style like that !

Special minions card

happy birthday youre one in a minion
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special minion cards are perfectly designed, just the right size, high quality paper and great combination. The first layer uses a bright yellow color with a best font choice, the second layer uses blue as the background.

Coolest minion card

brother minions birthday card
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Special minion cards are designed with perfect image, size and high quality paper. This card shows a cool-looking minion with an old guitar, with a round background in blue with a cool color combination. His silly smile entertains the person who gets this card!

Mom the minions card

96 one in a minion birthday or mothers day card funny humour rude joke
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Wow … look at the picture on the front of this card, funny and adorable right? This card uses a stamp set card with a bright yellow envelope. This card shows the joy of the minions, also seen the mom of the minions as the main character in this card. This amazing design is right for you who want to give this card to the most special person!

Adorable minions card

happy birthday minions height chart card
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Adorable minions Card with a full orange background is very interesting. Three silly minions are included in this card, making the atmosphere of this card look refreshing and funny. Perfect design, standard size and color-drawing combination, perfect for your classmates minion lovers … lets check it!

Girly minion card

birthday girl minions birthday card
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This girly card is right for your girl friend, the design of the mark with the right size. This card has an ornament that makes this card look sparkling, the expression of the minion inside is also very adorable .. …!

Little minion on Pop-Up

stampin cafe lana minion birthday cards
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This little minion pop-up card design is very interesting. The perfect size makes this card the right gift for you. Handmade cards use two nice layers. The minions in the forefront make this card amazing!

Easy minion cards

easy minion greeting card the craft train
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This card is made with exceptional hand skills, the ingredients for making this card use good choices. As a lover of his own work, the picture above is the best recommendation. You should try it …. the best gifts are made from your own work …haope you’re enjoy!

Cheerful minion cards

despicable me 3 minion birthday card brother
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How exciting this minion is! a card with a perfect design and the right choice of images makes this card seem cheerful and beautiful. The background decoration of this card is also very cool. the size matches your gift!

Fungky minion card

minion inspired handmade birthday card
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This fungky cool card is great designed, using three dimensions with standard sizes. This card inspires you handmade lovers, with two layers and good quality paper. This card is suitable for given your sister, friends, neighbors lovers of this despicable me main character! lets try it ,,, and make your card more meaningful!

Assemble the minions

ideas create your own party decoration with charming minion
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This time the minions want to show their expertise with assembly … this card is perfectly designed that carries the concept of music and assembly, a choice of paper and perfect size, available photo booths and decorated with colorful flags that make this card more attractive to be used as a friend’s birthday card you!

The minions funny jokes

smile its your birthday minions money gift wallet card
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Look at these three cute minions … they are so cute making birthday cards look cheerful and ridiculous. Your friend who is a lover of the main character in the film Dispicable me will be very touched and love it, especially if you are the one who gave it.

Cute Pop-Up card

stamp ninja minions birthday card
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This card is made using the Pop-Up concept with two minions carrying a balloon on the front. The second layer chooses white with stars decoration and the last layer uses a full yellow color with a small sphere inside. This card looks perfect for you who like Pop-Up cards!

Cutest minion card

happy birthday sign minions card
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Three minions have just their behavior … this time they brought a paper that read “Happy Birthday” with the background of a building. this funny card very entertaining ! This card is perfect to give to your old friends, the perfect design and the right choice of pictures, make your friends smiling a lot !

Minion on box

bob the minion youtube minions stuart the minion birthday
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the smile minion on box card in this box uses an perfect image design, a cool color combination between the minion and the box. This card is made especially for you who love surprises! This laughing minion looks adorable with his orange hat!

Cute minion card

minion birthday card
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This cute MINION card on a brown table is made with a three-dimensional theme, the picture on the card looks real, this minion looks like life. The right size and perfect design make it even more amazing. This card is suitable to give to your younger brother!

Have you all seen the super cute collection of the Minions? I really like the design and the various colors and images in the Minions birthday card collection above, everything looks perfect, cute, adorable and for sure the Minions expression is always ridiculous and funny … Thank you and hope you enjoy the inspiring cards above!

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