Who I am

There's a lot in a name.

Candace means luminescent (think candid, candle, incandesence). I use research, deep listening, facilitation, communication, and collaboration together to illuminate what is present but invisible. This allows people, organizations, and communities to confront their challenges with every tool available to them, cutting through the confusion and gaslighting that so often gets in our way.

Faber is as in Homo Faber, which translates in modern language to human, the maker. I inherited from my paternal line of carpenters, engineers, and home appliance technicians an ability to understand how structures serve or fail to serve the ends we intended when creating them, but I apply these skills primarily to the intangible world: processes, organizational cultures, & perceptions, and how these seemingly abstract ideas become embedded in technologies, work flows, and language.

I believe strongly in the stubbornness of reality. By becoming conscious of these structures, we can identify what is broken and work together to fix it. This is the common thread of everything I do: Bring things to light, then collaborate with people from all perspectives to re-engineer systems to serve everyone involved.

What I do

I currently work with organizations that want to operate in a more effective, streamlined, and inclusive way. I use research, writing, and facilitation as primary tools. My approach is driven by the mindset and methodologies of user experience (UX) research and human-centered design, as well as the thinking popularized by Frederic Laloux in Reinventing Organizations. I must clarify that these ideas are not his; they are indigenous to many cultures but have only been taken seriously since being reintroduced by a white man with the educational, professional, and personal profile to be considered legitimate in the management world. My ideas are not strictly mine, either, but I do the work to learn deeply, translate them into actionable processes that can be applied to organizational contexts, and refine and reinvent my approach to fit the circumstances of each client. I work with for-profit and philanthropic organizations alike.

My previous work addressed systems in various other ways. From 2015 through 2017, I served in a designated innovation role with the City of Seattle's Information Technology Department. From 2013 to 2015, I consulted for various social impact-driven organizations, including tech startups, foundations, trade associations, and the public sector. From 2007 to 2012, I served as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service, working at U.S. embassies in Poland, Belarus, and Afghanistan. I studied foreign policy & international security with a focus on cultural drivers of human behavior at Georgetown University's Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) program, where I also served as editor-in-chief of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. Prior to that, I studied Political Science & Russian at University of Washington, with a particular focus on the challenges of small countries, minority populations, and suppressed identities under the Soviet Empire and how those issues remained internalized after independence. History, identity, and relationships impact how everything works together. My background in global systems thinking impacts my work to this day.