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The Pretty Card Anime For Birthday

Anime Birthday. Japan is famous for anime. It is a hand-drawn or computer animation with various characters. For this time, this post shared a collection of anime birthday card ideas. Especially for the girls’ animation drawn. Besides, the card style is also in different sizes and formats. You can scroll the page below for knowing more pieces information.

The anime girl clipt art to put on the card

anime girl clipart birthday anime girl happy birthday free
Source: www.clipartkey.com

A birthday card with a beautiful anime girl clipart. Meanwhile, the download button is available on the link above. Then you can visit the available link on top. Moreover, it is a free clip art to download and transparent, too.

Luna card maker for the fun idea on anime birthday

dress up luna anime happy birthday card maker
Source: dressupluna.blogspot.com

This is the dress-up luna anime happy birthday card maker. As can you see, the girl character is from a student school. So, you might choose to give it to the student as well. The link download is available on the website above.

A folding template as a display anime birthday

anime girl birthday card zazzle
Source: www.zazzle.com

When you visit the link on top. Then you might get an awesome collection of the anime birthday template. Meanwhile, the format file is included some looks. So, it might help you full for your card design.

The cute girl anime birthday with an envelope

cute japanese anime girl birthday party invitation zazzleau
Source: www.zazzle.com.au

As can be seen, this image is a cute Japanese anime girl’s birthday. Besides, it might be the party invitation with an envelope, too. The best collection is available with the link download. Some features are completed as well.

A blue anime character in the craft template idea

a5 personalised anime girl birthday card girl in blue dress 3d etsy
Source: www.etsy.com

Based on the website above in some features. Then the paper is in A5 size. Then the card can be a personalised anime girl’s birthday card. Meanwhile, the card is in handmade format size. The girl is in blue dress 3D, too.

The display image with anime girl for the birthday

colour me anime birthday card zazzlecouk
Source: www.zazzle.co.uk

The card above is in pink color with anime characters. As can be seen, it could be an anime birthday idea with a feminine drawing. Then importantly, it used to be the display image idea as well. Download it from the link above.

The brown paper for the Dragon Ball character

handcrafted dragon ball goku anime birthday card greetings etsy
Source: www.etsy.com

This image is created in the boy anime character. Moreover, it is also a handcrafted dragon ball Goku anime. Then you can get it to create a birthday card greeting. So, you might visit the link from the sentences above.

Friendly anime birthday card idea

friendly anime birthday card zazzle
Source: www.zazzle.com

This card format is in various template sides. Some features are included to set as your need. Meanwhile, features can you access from the link above. When you need the template to be a display image. So, reach the link, too.

The purple super anime birthday card

super anime birthday card zazzle
Source: www.zazzle.com

When you need the anime birthday cards. This is the alternative sample to create the card. So, visit the link on top to reach the template file. Meanwhile, the purple color theme is the main concept of the template.

The circle shape on the folding anime birthday card

anime birthday cards card design template
Source: cardesain.blogspot.com

If you visit the link above. Then you can find the anime birthday card idea. Meanwhile, you just need to download the file according to your project. The easy access to download is included as well. Go to the available link above.

The cute anime characters for the birthday card

happy birthday with anime girl with ponytails greeting card zazzle
Source: www.zazzle.com

The different anime birthday card is above. You can get it to create the perfect and awesome card collection. Meanwhile, it was a happy birthday to anime girl. The image is completed with the ponytail greeting card.

The anime birthday card from One Peace characters

birthday card manga anime inspired etsy
Source: www.etsy.com

The site above has various manga collections. Moreover, those all were created as the cartoon template for greeting. Then you only need to scroll and get your favorite. The best wish must be written on the card as well.

Easy printable template for the lovely people

printable haikyuu anime birthday card instant digital etsy
Source: www.etsy.com

When you download this one template. Then you might get the completed files. Because it provided you some features. It can be folded, cut, and also a printable collection. Then it was also an instant digital Etsy collection.

The illustration to get an excellent template

items similar to custom anime birthday card anime illustration card
Source: www.etsy.com

Another item similar to the template before is here. This one is a custom greeting card with a good illustration. So, you can get it to create your collection greeting template. Come and visit the link on top to download the file.

The yellow collection greeting template with manga

happy birthday yamio w bzsarahhime on deviantart
Source: bzsarahhime.deviantart.com

The pretty girl is above to fill your design. When you visit the link. Then you can get this image to create a greeting template. However, it might be a gift feature on your digital platform. Social media especially.

The smiling cartoon with sweets and cake idea

happy birthday card with cute smiling cartoon chibi girl 361064 vector
Source: www.vecteezy.com

The manga series still being the main idea of this design. Meanwhile, the colorful idea fills this image as well. You can get it from the link on top. This is a pro download image collection. Moreover, the page is available in some collections.

The basketball player character on the greeting template

haikyuu themed birthday cards anime burthday kageyama etsy
Source: www.etsy.com

The greeting template above is from manga characters. Meanwhile, the card was created in a boy design style. So, you can give the card to them. Meanwhile, it comes from the Etsy collection from its page address. Visit the link to download.

A cute girl for the wish template display image

happy birthday with anime girl with ponytails card zazzle
Source: www.zazzle.com

The character above is a manga character for the birthday. You can only get it from the link page above. The specific features are included to help you get the file as you need. Then it might be an amazing display image as well.

The Sailormoon characters on birthday PNG

anime 18th birthday card happy 18th birthday animated gifs download
Source: joeofteeking.blogspot.com

By looking at the image above. You will throw back to the past memories. Because it was a popular cartoon in 90’th era. For this PNG image, it can be the element on the 18th-year-old celebration day. Get it from the link.

The greeting card with a handmade idea

anime themed birthday cards kawaii greeting cards lookhuman maybe
Source: jab-comix-blog80.blogspot.com

This greeting card is in the painting mode. Besides, it might be the best idea for you to create a greeting card. Then to know more details. You must visit the available link page. It will lead you to reach the design as well.

Naruto on the boy greeting template design

naruto birthday cards
Source: www.purplepieces.com

Here we come with the boy collection idea. The main concept is Naruto characters with similar elements to the anime series. Meanwhile, it was a favorite character around the world. Especially for the man of course.

The funny and cute cat for awesome design idea

happy birthday card funny cat anime stock vector royalty free
Source: www.shutterstock.com

This file is included with the anime cat in vector image. This one is the best idea to create a birthday card. Moreover, it was a funny image of royalty-free as well. So, you can just visit the link above to get the file.

The girl character with some features for the card

anime birthday cards naruto greeting cards pixels here are a great
Source: teainthemorning-filipa.blogspot.com

This is another character from the Naruto series. Meanwhile, the image showed some features of the card, too. So, you can imagine how this template be. So, it can be another solution for you while finding the greeting template.

Cute Pokemon and boba drink on the card

bubble tea kawaii birthday card anime birthday card etsy
Source: www.etsy.com

As we know that bubble tea such as the most popular drink in the world. In this case, this sample card is created for Pokemon and that drink. So, you can get double cute and favorite bubble tea on one card. It comes from Etsy as well.

A special nephew template for the greeting card

anime birthday card special son nephew brother cousin etsy
Source: www.etsy.com

This special card is dedicated to the nephew and son. Because the main character on the card is also a man. Then you can get it to create your belated birthday wish. Write the great wishes on the space to write as well.

The colorful balloons on the simple cartoon idea

valentine card design happy birthday card anime
Source: freegamersgallery.blogspot.com

This template might be in a different style. Meanwhile, this card is not only for being a birthday card. But also as a valentine card design. So, you just need to adjust the design according to your content. Download the file on the available link page.

This is the end of the post on this page. Then after reading and looking at the full page. Hope you guys will find your favorite card design as your style.

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