Is there any human craving so strong as the desire to communicate? Throughout history, people have felt compelled to tell their stories – through tales passed around the campfire, hieroglyphs etched into cliffsides, graffiti scribbled on bathroom walls. Every collaboration, partnership, or team activity in the animal kingdom depends on some form of communication. Many of our most breakthrough technological innovations have been driven by the desire to engage with one another. Yet even with all the tools now at our disposal, we often struggle to find authentic connection.

I have spent my career – first as a writer and editor, then as a diplomat, and now as a brand and messaging strategist – helping people around the world understand one another, even across vast cultural divides. I work with corporate, organizational, and individual clients to clarify their goals and then use the tools of communications to achieve them, whether they want something as tangible as a new job or as abstract as social change. 

You can learn more about my strategic communications consulting work at Whoa Strategies. If you are an individual and would like to talk about working together, please reach out here .