One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

— Jack Kerouac

Working with me in any context is a collaborative process. My goal as a consultant is to help others bring their own vision to life. Whether it is in research and strategic thinking, writing and communications, or project development and launch, my focus is on clearly articulating the client's vision. 

Through structured conversations, I help people clarify their vision and express it effectively to others. I have used this method for over a decade to find language that feels effortless, natural, and authentic to the client. 

I conduct most business through Whoa Strategies LLC, where I work with clients to take projects from idea stage to execution. However, I reserve some time every month to work with individuals and creatives who need some help to get un-stuck. If that's you, and something you have found on this page resonates with you, please feel free to reach out. I will be glad either to help you myself or to connect you to some of the people and resources who have helped me through my own life transition. 




With Candace’s guidance, I have had several pieces published and even received an award for the best written performance evaluation among my peers. She has a unique skill of grasping what it is that you want to say and making sure that you convey it in the most crisp and persuasive fashion. Working with her isn’t so much about having an editor fix your problems, but actually helping you become a better writer in the long term.
— Foreign Service Officer, Washington, DC
Candace’s writing is clear and concise, and she’s a natural storyteller. She translates ideas to the page in a logical, precise way. In few words she can describe a situation with potent stakes or conflict, making readers care and want to keep reading. Her language is sensory and evocative. Candace is also skilled at writing in different styles to suit the content and audience.
— Freelance writer Sarah O'Neill, Seattle, WA
I made an extremely positive and beneficial career change thanks to Candace’s outstanding writing skills and her in-depth knowledge of what employers are looking for in a candidate. After ten years overseas, I wanted to make a career change (and return to U.S.-based office environment). I found the process of moving from years of federal employment to the corporate world a challenging one - but with Candace’s help, I re-crafted my uninspiring, outdated resume and designed a vibrant and engaging LinkedIn profile. Potential employers took notice! I now have a job I love, in the geographic location I wanted, with a terrific salary and benefits package, and a truly exceptional work environment.
— Career transition (government to private sector)
Enlisting Candace’s help with my resume and cover letters during my most recent job search was one of the best decisions that I made—I’ve received compliments on the finished products from friends, interviewers, and executive recruiters alike. She was fantastic about working with me to first identify and then clearly articulate the most compelling possible story for each position I applied for based on my experience and my career goals, and she did it all with her signature brand of what I call ‘compassionate perfectionism,’ which doesn’t allow her to rest until she’s confident that every last detail is as good as it can be. If you’re on the job market now or you expect to be in the near future, do yourself a favor and talk to Candace; you’ll be glad you did.
— Job-seeker, Seattle
In a short time, Candace Faber coached me to a first-place finish in the SVP Seattle Fast Pitch Competition. What began as a long-winded, cluttered explanation of my organization’s need for funding blossomed into a captivating and informative five-minute presentation that I was able to deliver with confidence. Candace’s coaching style promoted my voice, ideas and passion, further captivating me in my own cause. I highly recommend Candace Faber as a speech coach to experts, beginners and all those in between.
— Olivia Smith, Youth Ambassadors
When I was applying to transfer universities, Candace edited my personal statement essay and gave me excellent feedback. Her edits were thorough and she was not afraid of suggesting different approaches in order to improve my essay. In the end, my essay included everything that I wanted universities to know about me in a concise and interesting format.
— Student, Seattle, WA
While writing my performance evaluation, I was so enmeshed in the focus areas of my work that I needed a keen eye to be able to step back and put my work and achievements in proper context so that the EER (evaluation) panel - who have little background in my portfolio - would be able to easily understand and assess my contributions. Candace worked with me in a supportive and constructive way to turn my evaluation into a product I’m very proud of.
— Foreign Service Officer, Washington, DC