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How to Land Your Dream Job (October 2014)
How to Be a Woman (Advice from Other Women) (October 2014)
The Other Veterans (June 2014)


Civic Technology & Social Change

"Behind the Wheel" series (Socrata, February 2015-present)
"Can It Be Easy to End Homelessness?" (Firesteel, May 2014)


Women's Issues

How to Be a Woman (Advice from Other Women) (October 2014)
Why We Need More Women in Politics (Levo League, March 2014)
Interview with Kate Farrar, President of the Women Under Forty Political Action Committee (Levo League, February 2014)
On Anger (August 2013)
Managing in the Jungle Gym (Levo League, July 2013)
What Motivates Mentors and Why You Should Reach Out (Levo League, July 2013)
Ways Women Sell Themselves Short in Writing (Levo League, May 2013)
Why Women Need Male Mentors (Levo League, April 2013)


International Affairs

The Other Veterans (June 2014)
Careers in International Affairs, 8th edition, Maria Pinto Carland and Candace Faber (2008)
Financial Firefighting: The Future of the IMF with David Lipton (Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Spring/Summer 2007)
Two Decades of Democratization: An Interview with former President of Poland Aleksandr Kwasniewski (Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Fall/Winter 2007)
Armitage On Iraq: Applying History's Lessons (Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Spring/Summer 2006)



Why, I Would


Wonderful Things Made By People Who Are Not Me That I Revisit All The Time

A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success, TED talk by Alain de Botton
11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business, by Stephanie St. Claire
ords, RadioLab Season 8, Episode 2
Colors, RadioLab Season 10, Episode 13
Perfect Moments, The Moth, by Brian Finkelstein
All of Rich Smith's poems, including these
Everyone Is A Fraud So Just Roll With It, Ignite Seattle talk by Hanna Brooks Olsen
(disorders), The Daily Rumpus, by Stephen Elliott, from 9/14/13 (email me & I'll forward it to you–it's the most beautiful rumination on love and passion I've ever read)